We at tantragna believe that Technology knows no boundary, and we do not like to bound by any such illusions either!

Our blessed 'One Life' may be in short to achieve it all, yet there is no harm in trying as much as we can.

Our interests lie in those over-exploited achievements, and sometimes least bothered sides of technological advancements.

Urja' or 'Energy' or 'Power' as we like to call it, is one such much sought after, and sadly much of it has a blackened footprints. At certain examples/times, even those labelled as 'green' turns out to be one of the most obnoxiously futile. We strongly believe through our experience, careful analysis and knowledge, that it is during the implementation where it all goes horribly wrong. And deciphering such code to fuse the loose ends, is not a easy meal for most of the lot.

Ganaka' or 'Computing' is one such core domain knowledge, is where one runs short in most energy generation/managing companies today. We actually started here, as an end user of energy and ended up generating/managing. So all we can say is, rest assured - you are at good hands.

As discussed in the beginning, our passion just does not end up in these two sectors. But it rather is a start of where the things are going to shape up as tantragna.