We believe in giving back. At Tantragna Corporation, we have aligned our business toward the betterment of the community at large. Although many of our clientele are coming from a good sound financial background, our goal is to reach out even to the lowest economical status, who also deserve a better life.

Uplifting the economically downtrodden by providing them basic care & empowering them with training & opportunities for the younger & able generation is how to Future Ready them with the necessary skills. Working with the schools/training institutes that are in the rural/suburban region helps in educating these people on the latest technologies, thereby making them ready to adapt to the ever-changing world.

As an organisation, we involve in training the new technologies to educational organisations, societies, and self-help groups to help them understand its importance. This also helps us to develop several new concepts that could be of use to certain sectors that are not economically viable to run sustainable businesses. We make it happen with our allocated resources earmarked for CSR activities and also by helping other organisations like yours to help them achieve their CSR goals too.

As we keep repeating every time and everywhere about sustainability; we believe that the food, water & air we consume to have a healthy life is key and essential for fellow human beings as well as to the rest of the living creatures. One of our favorite pastimes is to design new concepts to improve the living and working conditions of people who serve at the grass-root level.

We achieve these by devising training on modern as well as traditional methods that is sustainable to adopt to make their lives easier in every way possible. For the latest, we provided training for a group of farmers on organic & traditional cultivation methods while adopting cost-effective methods/devices to make their lives easier in every way possible.

We strongly believe that once the farming sector is streamlined, then as a cascading effect every other sector will automatically fall in the right order once quality food, water & air is secured. Every living being's health is dependent on these basics, unfortunately, it is one the worst affected due to the rapid pace of industrialisation of every sector without proper long-term futuristic vision.

We also welcome others, individuals or organisations, to join hands and help them to help ourselves to achieve a common goal of sustainability. We can be reached at csr@tantragna.in