Our Mission

Mission Possible! We are here to make those things possible, which seems impossible at first glance.

At Tantragna Corporation we have a strong will to bring in the change the world needs, and it needs to get be done really fast.

How are we going to achieve this, really?

    We carefully choose the best approach to solve each riddle one at a time, with a vision (just like a very long distance marathon runner) to cover the largest in the shortest possible time. By understanding the lifecycle of the things that go into it and also thereby making it more economical and invest worthy is the key to success for both the provider and the seeker.

There isn't one successful business which has achieved (or even surpassed it in a long run) without their goal that isn't worthy for the larger community to bring in a positive change to it. Even if their services/products have good use-case, without a good vision, their mission is bound to fail.

After a careful analysis of the needs of the world we are living in, we understood and have set our core focus for the next two decades to tread in the right path by,

  1. Helping everyone to adopt Renewables for Energy dependency, over the conventional fossil fuel sources,
  2. Helping the needy to secure their basic needs like food, job and shelter via a few start-up ventures such as Farmicle, FoodJoints & Hudku to help them to get on with their sustenance to restart & realign their lives.
  3. Redefining the mobility & its energy needs by setting up EV charging network via Renewable Energy generation, via setting up ventures such as Zapster & Urja GreEnergy.

As mentioned earlier, the next decades we are primarily focused to empower the world for switching over to the cleaner energy and mobility systems. We are totally committed to it, heart and soul; plus with all the zeal to achieve the im-possible!