Culture defines the philosophy of any company's operating existence. At Tantragna Corporation, we believe in giving out back to the people who made it possible. A strong ethical approach to the credibility of every individual's efforts & contribution accounts for robust and friendly work culture.

Helping out the needy is the core motto behind the concept of the existence of this company that we have structured and built. Be it our clients, our own people, or even any unassociated people. We love to see newer boundaries broken for a good reason.

We would love to see every individual achieve their peak potential and thrive on it. By doing that, not only the individual, but it is also the company that could achieve those 'near-impossible' feats. Human existence that is achieved today, is all due to the reason of breaking the boundaries which were thought impossible until someone exactly tried that and either achieved it or set a future goal for his/her followers. We would really love to see that happen to you with us.

Corporate Philosophy

Helping people achieve and live the best by adopting the best approach. Safe-keeping the environment while achieving the end result, with a less-nil damaging footprint that could be revived to its natural order in the quickest time possible. We believe in this philosophy, so we encourage others to take such an approach while we religiously practice it ourselves, every time. We believe, this is how sustenance can be achieved and practiced.

Quality Policy

We at Tantragna Corporation are committed to providing Quality Products and Services to our Customers which will Enhance their Productivity. We achieve this via,

  • Continuous Improvements,
  • Total Employee Engagement, and
  • Industry Standards & Robust Processes.

Value Integration

  • Unity - Respect for Individuals, and Lead by Example
  • Agility - Open Mindset, Focus, Streamline, and Speed
  • Integrity - Honor Commitments, Act in Good Faith, Trustworthy
  • Empathy - Care for All Stakeholders, Humanity, and all Life-Forms
  • Sustainability - A perfect balance of Economy, Ecology, and Society
  • Accountability - Process Approach, Maintenance of Detailed Records

Profit Policy

  • Steady Growth - Steady & Organic, success doesn't happen overnight
  • Allocate & Share - Allocation is for Deserving and Sharing is for Caring
  • Risk Mitigation & Aversion - Safety First, Insurance Must, Caring & Trust
  • Long Term Plans & Investments - Forevision for the upcoming Future & Actions

Industry Leadership

Aligned for Growth: Change is imminent and with rapid development in the technology-driven world, newer technologies command survival for only those who are ready to adopt, adapt and envision the future. The future is always built to meet expectations, and we are ready to take on the challenge, every time.
  • Adopt - Accept new changes and thrive on the new Frontiers
  • Adapt - Ready to adapt to newer & ever-changing requirements.
  • Envision - Create new & better Frontiers back to the world

Corporate Culture

A strong culture holds the future of any individual, company, or community. We value those elements that make up the fundamental essence of our company, via which we wish to serve our customers the best by being honest and transparent with our services and solutions we render.

EHS Policy

The foundation of our business is based on sustenance, and Environmental Conservation & Rehabilitation is our core motto. We are committed to ensuring environment, health, and safety objectives through active participation, involvement, and communication by all our Employees, Sub – Contractors & Vendors who work with us or on behalf of us.

Environment -
As a part of our business activity, we continually work to lower Green House Gas (GHG) emissions across India and the world, by motivating, promoting, and supporting corporates and institutions, both governmental and non-governmental to adopt cleaner energy and energy conservation techniques and as well save a substantially. We also work to improve the environment, through prudent waste management and water consumption across all our facilities.

Health and Safety -
As a responsible organization, the health and safety of the personnel is a top priority to us, and we care for those who are working for/on behalf of us at various locations.

By taking the following measures we ensure,
  • Ensuring Hazard Identification and risk assessment of each activity we do.
  • Ensuring adequate communication channels for implementation of H&S-related updates.
  • Providing adequate resources to carry out their task.
  • Providing various pieces of training for health and safety like Induction, Refresher training, and job-specific training to new joiners and sub-contractor personnel.
  • Motivating them for their active participation in health and safety forums.
  • Periodically performance evaluation of employees and sub-contractors to build a robust safety culture.
  • Complying with all legal and other regulatory guidelines applicable to all states/regions where we work.
  • Periodic management review of EHS policy so it remains relevant and communicating the same to all concerned.