Finally it is with the people, where all these technology & corporations comes into existence and radiates unto their surroundings - all possible by the 'PEOPLE'.

Human beings - being the most intelligent creature on earth have the power to make use of their intelligence, knowledge, & wisdom to make the world a better place to everything on-board 'Planet Earth'. But with this superior skill-sets to other creatures, also sets in a 'godly' and unhealthy mentality that can and be more dangerous than helpful. It sometimes happens consequently of unforeseen circumstances too. Either ways, our actions can make or break a lot of things that are beyond valuable.

We at tantragna try to compensate, if not replenish all the short-fall - here aboard 'Mother Earth'! We like to pledge to 'create' or rather say 'compensate', the evil effects to be as earthly, useful and friendly as possible. We are not in the race of economics and power.

And hence it comes the most obvious 'Q'! How we are thinking of doing it?

It is like to take the roads less traveled, and go miles more to reach the destination - but do it more earthly friendly as possible. So we started to sketch down the shortfalls of the modern society and chose the other path that were either abandoned or overlooked for various reasons.

For example: Like everyone / business entities need power-source/energy to start with, so we created a separate wing / business vertical called Urja GreEnergy ['urja' translates to energy in sanskrit]. This wing of business believes strongly in renewable energy resources, especially Solar, Wind & micro-Hydro power sources - which can be tapped at almost all earthly places possible, and its naturally free.

Coming to the technology part, the whole of world is driven by computing/silicon intelligence - and so is our business-unit into GanakainfoTech [ganaka translates to computation in sanskrit]. Technology in today's term inadvertently points towards silicon driven technologies which is the best way forward due to the fact of the potential it has to adapt, manage & control. We run nothing short of it and is been the core skills since the early 1990's and we love it!

Now all these upgrades need some kind of security, so we have the Suraksha SmarTech, where we take care of the Smart technologies to provide a safe & secure today & tomorrow in case of adversities.

Our mission here is to educate the people on how to adapt the technology, to the extent and degree of ethical implementation to minimize or nullify the after-ill-effects of over adoption/adaption. As in most cases, as learnt by the generation of the human race has witnessed more agonizing outcome in long-run versus the short-term pleasure. Examples are huge, and in every aspect of technology - right from 'fossil fuel vs renewable energy', 'fertilizer vs organic manure', etc.

So the challenge ahead is mostly like a Mt.Everest to climb and
a dive to one of the deepest ocean's depth. We love to explore it beyond and around the boundaries to achieve it.

It is not an easy journey, yet we firmly believe that the outcome will definitely be fruitful, and there is no short-cut! Yet we care..