Full HD CCTV System
helps immensely when there is an incident and the need to look up the recorded evidence. 1080p recording has great detail of video/imagery that helps recognise and understand the scenes better.

When compared to Standard Definition (SD), the video/imagery could be as much better as 4-6 times in greater detail in Full-HD (1080p) recorded media. While there are many models of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) which claim to do the same, in fact, there is only a handful of them that actually records in 1080p, while most of them do in 720p or 1080n.

DVRs & their Numbers (1080p vs 1080n vs 720p)

Numbers such as 1080, 720, 360, etc., define the number of rows of pixels that are displayed on a vertical stack, and the alphabet (such as 'p', 'i', 'n', etc) next to it defines the method/algorithm used to record it. The alphabet 'p' is an abbreviation progressive method of recording, while 'i' uses interpolation, and 'n' is a special type used for CCTV recording.

The 'n' recordings have narrow horizontal columns of pixels using standard and compressed 4:3 screen aspect ratio, rather than in the progressive/interpolated methods that use the 16:9 screen aspect ratio. N is used to save on storage space usage while still trying to record in near HD clarity, however, when played back it shows the lack of high-definition clarity that comes with true-HD footage.

It is a compromise between investment and higher-quality recorded footage. This is used in low-priority, low-risk surveillance, and low-budget installations mostly with middle-class housing and small businesses.

Cameras & their Numbers (Mega-Pixels - 1MP, 1.3MP, 2MP)

CCTV cameras come with pixels/Mega-Pixels as their capability identifier. It is actually from the underlying optical sensor's specification which tells about its data collection capability. 1MP or 1 mega-pixel has roughly one million pixels, arranged normally in a 4:3 aspect ratio on the sensor, while 1.3 has 1.3 million pixels, and so on.

When considering of choice of these cameras, a sizing table would be helpful for ease of purchase.

TermPixels (W x H)Notes
1.3 MP1280 x 1024aka "1 Megapixel" or "1MP"
2 MP1600 x 12002 Megapixel
1080p HD1920 x 10801080p High Definition
3 MP2048 x 15363 Megapixel