Solar pumping system is usually used for agricultural and irrigation purposes, where the electrical grid is either absent or unreliable. However, it can also be used for forestry, desert control, livestock, sewage treatment projects, and water supply applications.

Solar pumping systems have been popular in developed countries to address ESG compliance. It offers low carbon, energy saving, and environmental protection as key factors. However, it can also significantly improve living standards in areas with water and electricity shortages. Therefore, it has a broader spectrum of applications and great social value.

Following are some salient features of Solar pumping solutions,

  1. Cheaper in the long run for commercial electricity connections, as the payback period is quicker and the lifespan of the solar modules is typically 20+ years.
  2. Pumping motors are less susceptible to failures as the system adopts VFD / inverters that protect the motors from erratic power input quality.
  3. Controlling various factors, such as motor speed, time of operation and remote control is quite easy as the system supports advanced automation.

Typical components of Solar pumping solution,

  1. PV Modules
  2. VFD / Inverter for Motor Control
    • VFD or Variable Frequency Drive is a device that is used for controlling the motor at a settable speed, regardless of the input power quality.
    • Motor Inverter is a device that is designed to run the motor at a designated speed with all protections in place.
    • They usually adopt MPPT technology, which maximizes the utilization of solar panels;
      • System sampling advanced circuit topology design brings ultra-high power conversion efficiency of equipment, system efficiency up to 95%, reducing energy loss process. 
    • They can also have intelligent battery management to be used with battery banks.
    • The device meets the maintenance requirement; the control module and monitoring module are all modular designs.
    • They can work along with the electricity grid network.
  3. Water Pump
    • Regular AC motors are used for VFD applications,
    • DC motors are used for new projects as they are more efficient than AC motors.

A sample application of Solar Pumping System

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