Central Financial Assistance (CFA)/ Central Government Subsidy for rooftop solar plant installed by a residential consumer under the simplified procedure

Plant CapacityApplicable Subsidy
Up to 3 kWpRs. 14,588/- per kWp
Above 3 kWp and up to 10 kWpRs. 14,588/- per kWp for the first 3 kWp and thereafter Rs. 7,294/- per kWp
Above 10 kWpRs. 94,822/- fixed

Note: The CFA/subsidy will be available only for applications registered till 31.12.2022 in the National Portal and will be released after clearance by the inspecting authority (DISCOM) on successful commissioning and installation of the metering system as per the specified procedure. The CFA/subsidy will not be applicable with retrospective effect.

Calculation of CFA/subsidy: The CFA/subsidy would be calculated on the basis of total solar module capacity/solar inverter capacity/capacity approved by DISCOM, whichever is lower.

Illustration for calculation of central Government subsidy
Rooftop Solar System Capacity (lowest of total solar module capacity or solar inverter capacity/ capacity approved by DISCOM)Applicable Subsidy
2.5 kWpRs. 14,588/- X 2.5 = Rs. 36,470/-
3 kWpRs. 14,588/- X 3 = Rs. 43,764/-
4 kWpRs. 14,588/- X 3 + Rs. 7,294/- X 1 = Rs. 51,058/-
6.5 kWpRs. 14,588/- X 3 + Rs. 7,294/- X 3.5 = Rs. 69,293/-
10 kWpRs. 94,822/-
15 kWpRs. 94,822/-