What is Sustainability?

It is the ability to operate with core essentials taken care of with minimal resources and retain the abundance for future needs that could be replenished back in time for reuse. To sustain is to maintain the basic raw resources while getting work done by using only as much as necessary and to have sufficient resources in reserve for later use.

Sustainability can only be achieved when the economic and social needs are taken care of as much as the environmental conservation, as the superset of all these three is when sustenance is achieved. All three have to go hand-in-hand, with economic & social needs taken care of equally well along with environmental care because no one of them can succeed without the other two. The perfect balance of all these three makes the adoption model sustainable.

At Tantragna Corporation, our core business philosophy is 'Sustenance'. We look at every opportunity and task we take up to be executed as sustainably as possible at that point in time, while also keeping in mind the future it beholds.

Being ecologically responsible is essential in current times, as this fast-paced world is spelling tough outcomes for the environment. The best way to achieve this is via adopting and switching to sustainable ways to correct it before everything is irreversibly damaged. A few of the daily needs that could be initiated to start on a sustainable path are;
  • Reducing wastage: Implementing the 4 R's i.e., Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, and Refuse.
  • Energy: We all need energy, so reducing the dependency on non-renewable resources by adopting renewable energy harvesting systems such as Solar for Heating & Electricity would be of great help.
  • Mobility: We all need transportation, by adopting Electric Vehicles is the best option we do have as of now. Do not listen to the critics, EV's have been proven flat-out against all such critics. Electric Vehicles are the future and they are scientifically proven to be the best. We are critically working in the field of EVs since 2016 and would be coming up with products and services soon.
  • Organic Food: Believe it or not, industrial food & agriculture is the second most polluting activity after energy production, even bigger than industrial & mobility pollution. Organic farming is key to reducing greenhouse emissions and moreover, it is the healthier choice. We identified this issue and working on a Nuvo-agri-based startup called Farmicle to organize this largest yet distorted sector.

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