Corporations or simply 'Corporates' are the bridge between the two ends, the People & the Technology, who are glued together to make a business transaction with these business entities. An organised and managed structure, much like a well-maintained and oiled-machinery; that is both fail-safe and securing.

Corporations are governed, regulated and over-looked by the law of the land and the people it serves. In the recent times, the geographical and cultural boundaries are fast dissolving within and henceit  facilitates both the end-user and the service-provider with a host of options.

Our definition of Corporations are the entities who enable the people to go further towards better life & future, not just for themselves, but for the entire entire universe. Sustenance is key!

Our corporate business model -  too has little or no boundaries to service the client's needs. We believe in the saying, 'One-Earth, One-Life'!